Managed IT Services

The predictability of managed services allows you to accurately forecast revenue, profits, labor requirements, scalability requirements and even planned expansion. The ability to predict puts you in control of your destiny.

SPIID AFRICA offers accepted enterprise benefits of Managed Services solutions that include predictable monthly operating costs, reduced hardware costs, minimal software upgrade responsibilities, improved reaction time to threats and quicker ramp times. Historically, enterprises have primarily been motivated by a reduction in operating costs as the key driver to consider Managed Services. 


SPIDD AFRICA’s portfolio of managed services includes but is not limited to:

Managed WAN services
Managed Internet services
Managed security services
Managed Data center hardware and software
Cloud managed services
Managed 24/7/365 service desk
Managed Field Services
Managed Customer Premise Equipment
Managed Service Level Agreements
Managed Enterprise WIFI Hotspots